Content Creation Services

Good content isn’t good enough. Wade Marketing provides social media content creation services for brands that want remarkable results from their media investment.

Social media content strategy

Photo & Graphic Assets

Our designers produce visual assets that build off of – or even completely reimagine – your brand’s established look. Since stock photography has its limits, we prefer to use original photos whenever possible – whether sourced from your customers or taken by our staff on location.

Video Content Creation

Wade Marketing can break up long-form video assets into shorter clips, or create original content series that capture the attention of your audience.

Social Copywriting

We know your voice and apply it to every message we craft. From quick tweets to Facebook posts and email blasts – our messages are tailored for maximum impact on each social platform.

Wade Marketing Content Creation Services

Instagram Content Creation Services

Instagram users are seeking a social experience that will entertain, inform and inspire them. Your content strategy needs to reflect this desire by offering the following types of posts:

  • Short-form stories written in a distinctive style

  • Post content in a way that organizes all posts into related topics.

  • IGTV allows you to post long-form video content that users can rewatch later.

We’ll create content that will engage your target audience, promote solid relationships with customers and attract new ones.

Facebook Content Creation Services

Facebook is the most popular plattorm; it’s where your customers and prospects spend time. we

can help you get friendly with them using Facebook Live, personal videos, and events that earn

reach in “News Feed” even if they’re not ads – and at no extra cost to you.

We will design Facebook ads for you, beginning with the m0st effective formats and ad elements.

LinkedIn Content Creation

Our professionally crafted LinkedIn marketing campaigns will elevate your status, solve problems for you and earn the trust of your followers. With 220+ million users worldwide, LinkedIn has its own set of rules (where else do PDFs perform well?). We’ll help you master them.

Twitter Content Creation Services

Many businesses are hesitant to use Twitter – but that doesn’t have to be you! Together, we’ll tune your voice and find your niche so that when people see tweets written in their language by someone they know, they’re more likely to engage with them.

Video Content Creation Services

As the world becomes increasingly connected and more people spend time indoors online, marketers’ demands for innovative videos and content have skyrocketed.

Statistics show that 82% of businesses large and small have implemented video content-based marketing techniques into their business models. Video is an important part of the modern marketing campaign, which makes sense given its growing popularity among consumers.

This is a cost-effective and efficient process that we all need to embrace. Investing in video content creation services can seem like an unnecessary expense, but there are many reasons why it is worth your time and money.

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